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Gabriel de Grenefeld


Dalonbian Sector

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Oberon Heavy Industries is a private resource acquisition corporation. Based on the outer rim, Oberon Heavy Industries specializes in terrestrial and asteroid mining of valuable materials. We are a small but efficient outfit, currently serving a select clientele of influential factions and economic visionaries.

Oberon was the brainchild of our founder, Gabriel de Grenefeld, who sought a more localized source of resources for his many varied construction projects. Finding travel times to existing sources too much of a burden, he set out to found a new commercial enterprise to provide the resources desperately needed to enable his growing list of operations to continue to expand. Thus, Oberon was formed nearby his holdings. Besides a number of terrestrial mines, Oberon also exploits several asteroid belts rich in valuable deposits. This ready access to wealth will enable our select clientele to keep doing business in ventures that span dozens of worlds and sectors.

We are not accepting new contracts at this time, although we thank you for your interest.

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Faction Founded Y23 D128
Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Oberon Heavy Industries specializes in Mining and will be led by Gabriel de Grenefeld. The first headquarters of Oberon Heavy Industries opened today in Gallieford on Ralltiir.